Strategies for Life Balance

Core values can influence everyday decisions.What are yours?

Life balance isn’t an event - something you’ll "achieve" when everything in your life flows perfectly. Life balance is something you experience as a result of the day-to-day, moment-to-moment series of decisions you make regarding allocation of your time and energy. These decisions are driven by your core values. Do you know what yours are? Generally, we have 3-5 core values that influence our choices. How do you discover what yours are?


Make a timeline of your adult life and identify key decision points. As you reflect on these, identify the core values that were the drivers in these choices. Then ask yourself some questions. Are these values congruent with my beliefs and principles? Do they reflect who I really am? If they are/do, am I living my core values today? If not, it's time to gain clarity on your values and start living them in order to experience more balance in your life.