From Clients

I will use the tools to identify issues I need to improve on to make me a more effective employee and family member. 

Coronado Bay, California, USA participant




I had the connotation that women's seminars were sappy and this proved me wrong. Kicked my attitude and made me 'fess up to what I need to work on.  

Chicago, Illinois, USA participant




Absolutely outstanding seminar, including Dr. McFarland's ability not to be too American. The seminar was outstanding and helped me take a step back and look at my life choices in perspective. Deploy it to the whole organization! 

Evian, France participant




This seminar was excellent. It helped me recognize the power of my own choices.  

Bangkok, Thailand participant




FlexLife™ is, hands down, the best work/life balance seminar I have attended. The program helped me to get in touch with my personal situation and offered practical tips and ideas that were immediately actionable. The FlexLife™ approach is applicable to women at all stages of their lives. In fact, the program is so helpful that my company has sponsored numerous sessions. The women in my organization have all scored FlexLife™ as "top box" and continue to build on their learnings long after the seminar. Dr. Barbara McFarland has not only created the meaningful content, but delivers it in a compassionate, caring, and entertaining way. This seminar is not to be missed by anyone who feels the daily priority pulls of family, work, and life.  

Gale Beckett, Vice President, the Procter & Gamble Co.